Our Honey

warrenbroodAll honey from Wai-Ora Apiaries in New Zealand is produced from hive to container through the hard work and passion of a family spanning 3 generations. For over 35 years, our honey has been produced locally and organically in the wild to ensure the superior quality and health of our products as well as the sustainability of our bees and the environment they live in.

As a local apiary and a family at home, we farm sustainably and biodynamically to create a harmonious connection between farmer, bee, and all forms of life. We believe that every detail of beekeeping is important and should be handled with careful attention, from introducing queens into hives to hand pouring honey into containers. We take care of our bees, and they take care of us.

Wai-Ora is a Maori word meaning ‘liquid health.’ Our wild honey is just that, a liquid substance that provides a multitude of nutritional and medicinal benefits to those who consume it. By ensuring that our honey is harvested heat and chemical free with little to no interference with our bees during the creation process, we are emulating nature’s genius and providing a totally raw, and organic product.

honey hives

Our beehives

Since Wai-Ora’s inception more than 35 years ago, we have worked with nature by using organic, natural treatments, and only feeding our bees organic honey, nature’s perfect food for bees. This ensures the health and happiness of our bees and guarantees that 100% of the nutritional and medicinal properties of our honey is retained.

Eating Wai-Ora honey means that you are eating honey produced in the New Zealand wild and fully harvested and packaged by a family that believes in the health and vitality of each bee and every drop of honey. Receiving a jar of Wai-Ora honey is like keeping bees yourself while letting us handle all the hard work and bee stings.

beesLike the Maori people, we believe that everything we say, think, and do should be done with future generations in mind. Our ultimate goal is to continue creating a sprawling bee sanctuary that protects and maintains the lasting life and integrity of bees, the environment, and the people. In this way we hope to continue creating an honest, and healthy product that you can depend on and feel good about.

For more information regarding the importance of ensuring the life of bees organically and sustainably, check out Queen of the Sun: What are the bees telling us?, an internationally celebrated documentary in which Wai-Ora Apiaries is featured.

Wai-Ora Apiaries sells three varieties of honey, Clover Floral honey, Honey Dew honey and Manuka honey, all containing a pollen count of at least 70%. We also sell gift sets if you’d like to try all three varieties of honey.