Gift Sets

  •  [250g] Small Gift Set: $35 NZD
  • [500g] Medium Gift Set: $65 NZD
  • [1kg] Large Gift Set: $125 NZD



Wai-Ora sells three gift sets for those interested in trying all of our delicious honey flavors. We sell a large gift set with three pots of honey each weighing 1kilogram, a medium gift set with three pots each weighing 500 grams and a small gift set with three pots weighing 250 grams each. Each gift set contains one pot of Manuka honey, one Honeydew honey and one Clover Floral honey.

Clover floral honey is the perfect ‘everyday’ honey. It is especially great to use as a breakfast honey.  It tastes amazing on fresh bread, scones, mixed in teas and is a healthy alternative as a coffee sweetener.


The sweet, yet subtle flavor of honeydew honey is slightly tangy with a touch of zest. Use this honey in your cooking. It is especially lovely as a meat glaze or marinade.  It is also great as a substitute for maple syrup due to its consistency and smooth taste.The full-body flavor of manuka honey will add a rich complexity to the flavor of savory dishes, sauces, and marinades. It is also an exceptional addition in desserts, such as smoothies, cookies, cheesecakes, or ice cream.

A bottle of Wai-Ora Manuka Honey should also be kept in your first-aid kit.  As a natural and organic antibacterial substance, it is safe and easy to use. It will also leave you smelling lovely. Use it on cuts, scrapes, and infections and be amazed at how quickly your skin heals.

Shipping: Free in New Zealand. Contact us for overseas rates.