Honeydew Honey

honey dew variety

  • 250g Honeydew Honey: $10 NZD
  • 500g Honeydew Honey: $20 NZD
  • 1kg Honeydew Honey: $35 NZD


Honeydew honey can only be found in New Zealand and is special in that it is actually produced starting with ancient New Zealand forests.

These forests stretch along the Southern Alps of the South Island. The honey comes from the black beech tree, which is endemic to the South Island of New Zealand. Forests of these trees attract aphids which feed on their bark. These aphids secrete a sugar-like substance on to the trees which sparkles in the sunlight (hence ‘honey’ dew).

honeydew honey

This substance is in turn collected by bees and crafted into a unique and totally organic honey. From beginning to end the creation of honeydew honey requires the soil of ancient New Zealand forests, black beech trees, and the tireless work of two species of insects, culminating in an absolutely spectacular end product.

Unlike other honeys, this honey does not crystallize so there is no need for us to cream it. Its ability to remain liquid and runny makes this honey great for storing in the cupboard.  Honeydew honey will remain a pure liquid even after years of storage.

black beech tree

The sweet, yet subtle flavor of honeydew honey is slightly tangy with a touch of zest. Use this honey in your cooking. It is especially lovely as a meat glaze or marinade.  It is also great as a substitute for maple syrup due to its consistency and smooth taste.

Make sure to store honey in a cool place, but not in the refrigerator. It should also be kept out of direct sunlight.