Manuka Honey

  • manuka variety250g Manuka Honey: $20 NZD
  • 500g Manuka Honey: $40 NZD
  • 1kg Manuka Honey: $75 NZD


Manuka honey is made using nectar from the manuka tree, a native tree of New Zealand. The Maori people used the manuka flower as a medicinal plant to treat various illnesses such as fevers and colds. Today manuka honey is used worldwide as an highly effective antibacterial substance. It has been proven to help ailments of the skin, mouth, and throat, and is used by many people to treat infections and wounds all over the body.

manuka tree

Manuka and Kanuka trees

Our manuka honey has a full-bodied, flowery flavor and aroma.  It is deliciously rich and creamy and has a naturally sweet and savory taste. The full-body flavor of manuka honey will add a rich complexity to the flavor of savory dishes, sauces, and marinades. It is also an exceptional addition in desserts, such as smoothies, cookies, cheesecakes, or ice cream.

Make sure to store honey in a cool place but not in the refrigerator. It should also be kept out of direct sunlight.

manukaA bottle of Wai-Ora Manuka Honey should also be kept in your first-aid kit.  As a natural and organic antibacterial substance, it is safe and easy to use. It will also leave you smelling lovely. Use it on cuts, scrapes, and infections and be amazed at how quickly your skin heals.

Wai-Ora Manuka Honey is creamed to prevent crystallization and to present it to you in a smooth and creamy form.  The creaming process is 100% natural and is achieved simply through gently stirring the honey. No additives are used and the honey is still pure, wild, and raw.

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